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A world leader in technology-led aerospace, security and defence solutions, BAE Systems, employs a skilled workforce of over 80,000 people in 40+ countries.

We worked with BAE Systems to review their pension website to improve user experience for members when searching for information and documents online. The project tackled three distinct stages: initial research, design implementation and identifying key measures of success. Early indications show:

  • A reduction in the number of visitors going straight to the contact page (page fell from 2nd to 10th most visited)
  • In-page feedback shows content improvements with 4,150 visitors using the new Quick Help feature and 540 members used the new online enquiry feature


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“The excellent support we received from the Gallagher Communication team in helping us to understand the analytics and providing their advice on content ensured that the process ran smoothly.”

Julie Cook – Head of Pensions Policy
BAE Pensions Digital Engagement

The Challenge

The website is a regular point of call for members with between 5,000 and 6,000 visitors a month. However, despite the high volume of website visitors, the pension helpline was still receiving large numbers of enquiries from members who couldn’t find the information on the very detailed, multi-paged website.

We ran a series of analytics on the website for three months to understand the nature of the queries that were generated by members and how they were using the website.

The Solution

Common types of member queries were identified and a number of solutions were put in place which allowed us to plan a rebuild of the website, focusing on three key areas: improve user experience, reduce calls to the pension helpline, and modernise the design.

After analysing data from the pension helpline, we designed easy access to over 20 of the most frequently asked questions under a “Quick Help” button positioned prominently on the homepage. The search function was also redesigned to be more prominent and to support free text search.

An enquiry form was created for members to submit personal queries online, removing a step in the communication chain to submit and resolve a query.

BAE Pensions Digital Engagement

Focusing on user experience automatically puts engagement at the heart of any design work. Restructuring the resources allows members greater interaction with the information, tackling the user experience as a whole.

The Outcomes

After the website went live, the focus turned to analysis and learning so that members’ needs are continually addressed. With over 13,000 visitors since the re-launch, successful communication is part of an on-going journey rather than an end point.

The website is aligned to an on-going communication approach of providing simple summaries up front, with more detail available on demand, providing a seamless member experience from paper to online and via the pension helpline.

“We are always seeking ways to improve the readability and clarity of all of our member communications and having an effective and engaging pension website is a key component of that. So whilst designing and implementing a new pension website did seem daunting, Gallagher Communication worked closely with us and have translated our vision into a simple, clear and engaging new site.”

Julie Cook – Head of Pensions Policy

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