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Irish Pension Awards for Best Member Communication

Members of all ages appreciate the pension offering value

Very positive staff feedback for user-friendly communications

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Historically the premier banking organisation in Ireland, the Bank of Ireland is considered one of the traditional ‘Big Four’ Irish banks.

The Bank of Ireland wanted to introduce a ‘best-in-class’ DC arrangement and recognised that a bespoke approach to communication would be needed to fulfil this ambition. We developed a communication strategy that focused on tailored messaging, branding and digital engagement. The high quality communication for Bank of Ireland resulted in an industry award:

  • Winner of the Best Member Communication for two years in a row at the Irish Pension Awards 2015 & 2016


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Bank of Ireland Pension

“Through clever use of additional tag lines throughout our communications, members of all ages seem to understand and appreciate the value of the pension offering.”

Michelle Roche – Head of Group Pensions

The Challenge

Their main objectives for the Scheme were to attract, retain and transition talent, manage and deliver on employee expectations and ultimately help their employees secure an adequate retirement income.

Bank of Ireland Design

The Solution

The new communication strategy called for tailored communication via digital engagement with new branding. A set of primary messages were used to promote the benefits of the scheme to all members, supported by a set of messages personalised to different employee cohorts.


Bank of Ireland Pension Branding

From a branding perspective we developed the concept of “RetireWell” which became the new Scheme name supported by the strapline “SaveWell, InvestWell, LiveWell”. To give the Scheme that “feel good factor” we used a bright, summer themed colour palette and imagery.

We then worked very closely with the Scheme’s administrator to help them apply the branding and targeted messages to their ePA system so everything was consistent for members.

Bank of Ireland Pension Booklet

The Outcomes

The Bank of Ireland’s ‘RetireWell’ pension scheme campaigns have been crowned winner of the Best Member Communication for two years in a row at the Irish Pension Awards 2015 & 2016.

"We have received very positive feedback from staff who found the branding and communications very user-friendly. Gallagher Communication were professional, understood and met our expectations and delivered a high-class offering which will continue to add value to our Plan members for years to come.”

Michelle Roche – Head of Group Pensions.

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