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From its roots in shipping, Bibby Line Group has grown into a global business, operating nine businesses in over 20 countries and employing over 4,500 people in industries ranging from shipping to financial services.

Bibby wanted to strengthen the leadership performance across their group of companies, in turn, establishing a pipeline for succession planning and reducing the need for external recruitment. We created an identity for the Executive Development Programme (EDP) as well as a unique online portal to provide regular updates about the Programme, and to give the executives easy access to training material. The high digital engagement with the portal was instantly evident:

  • All 60 executives accessed the portal within the first two days
  • 58% of traffic to the website is from regular, repeat visitors
  • Visitors to the site view an average of 19 pages


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Bibby Line Group Executive Communications

The Challenge

Bibby invested in the EDP to strengthen the leadership performance across the Group. It supports the company’s ambition of striving for excellence, and it will bring all 60 executives together for the first time to create greater collaboration across the Group. These objectives were all key drivers that were considered when crafting the communications.

The EDP consisted of a series of sessions to facilitate better collaboration at a senior level across the Group; sharing best practice, strategic thinking and both business and personal development. Aimed at the top senior executives, the Programme was designed around a year-long syllabus of events, with group and personal learning.

Bibby Line Group Executive Communications

The Solution

Before developing any communication, we created an identity for the Programme to encapsulate how the communication would look and feel. The identity needed to reflect the prestigious and innovative nature of the Programme and to secure the executives’ engagement with it. The logo symbolised the coming together of all the senior business leaders.

For launch, we created a high quality, personalised ‘save the date’ invite. The invites included personalised messages from the Group’s Managing Director, Sir Michael Bibby. Each message reflected on the executives’ individual contribution to the Group to make it feel more personal and to emphasise its backing by Sir Michael.

We created an EDP portal to support the sessions, providing a way of maintaining engagement and relevant correspondence in-between sessions. Personalised log-ins meant every user had a bespoke portal, enabling access to, amongst other things, their 360° feedback, a resource centre and an event calendar.

Information within the portal is content managed by Bibby, enabling instant updates to be made. The system also has the ability to email recipients directly, using the same design template created for the programme, ensuring that a consistent identity is used throughout.

The Outcomes

The EDP, identity and portal symbolises the coming together of all the senior business leaders, with a dynamic element reflecting leadership – everyone uniting to move in one direction.

All the 60 executives accessed the portal within the first two days of it launching. 58% visited more than once and the average number of pages people visited in that time was 19.

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