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Leading UK manufacturer of interior lining systems, British Gypsum, had identified the need to be more innovative in order to stay ahead of the competition.

As part of their Product Leadership vision, British Gypsum identified four vital behaviours that would support the business in realising their ambition. British Gypsum wanted to introduce these behaviours in a way that employees would embrace. We developed a solution focused on four key areas; employee research, visual identity, peer-to-peer recognition and workplace promotion.

Initial engagement results show significant adoption of the behaviours:

  • 94 tailored vital behaviour workshops developed using insights gained from employee research
  • Over 125 nominations for the vital behaviours recognition scheme
  • Line managers embracing branding in their communication


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“Gallagher Communication has really helped us take our internal communications to the next level. They took the time to understand our needs in depth through various approaches, including running fun and interactive focus groups with our staff.”

Tara Bath – Communications & Engagement Manager
British Gypsum Behaviour Stickers

The Challenge

Having identified these vital behaviours, the challenge for British Gypsum was in how to introduce them to employees in a way that would become part of their everyday ways of working.

Our strategy was built around developing a visual identity that could be used across a range of communication to promote and integrate the behaviours. We wanted to ensure that the eventual visual identity and learning and development programmes were driven by employees’ own ideas and needs, to avoid the behaviours being seen as simply another dictum from senior management.

The Solution

Our approach focused on four key areas.

Employee research: The only way to gather the level of insight we needed was to go out and speak to employees from every part of the business. We developed an innovative, creative and immersive experience, culminating in the creation of behaviour totem poles. We collated the findings from all the focus groups into a research report that identified key trends and made recommendations.

Visual identity: By harnessing the ideas put forward in the focus groups, we created a visual identity for the behaviours. This visual identity uses a combination of graphical icons that captured the different items the focus groups used for their totems, with workplace photography. We created a branding toolkit so that every piece of communication had a consistent look and feel to it.

British Gypsum Behaviour Posters

Workplace promotion: We developed a series of posters that were displayed in key locations across their different sites, making sure we used the relevant icons for each location. As well as posters, we provided behaviour wheels that enable those employees who couldn’t take part in the focus groups to add their own ideas of what the behaviours meant to them, helping to continue the conversation.

Peer-to-peer recognition: Giant posters have been put up in key locations with behaviour stickers to enable employees to nominate their peers. Any employee nominated will then be put forward for an Awards Event to take place later in the year where they will receive formal recognition and in doing so help to inspire others to embrace these behaviours.

The Outcomes

The behaviours are still fairly new to British Gypsum employees and so there are no specific business results as yet. However, there are some clear signs of success.

Managers and employees from across the business often request the vital behaviours logos and artwork to use in their presentations, posters and other work, demonstrating they are keen to identify with the behaviours and link their work to the behaviours.

British Gypsum has been able to use the insights gained from the research to develop a coherent learning and development programme that is tailored to the needs of different types of employees across their different locations.

Finally, within two weeks of the recognition programme being launched over 125 nominations were already entered.

British Gypsum Recognition Award

“They have produced beautiful, eye catching designs that enhance the effectiveness of our messages and attract very positive feedback from our staff and external partners.”

Tara Bath – Communications & Engagement Manager

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