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DotFoods – the nation’s first and largest food industry redistributor.

We created a long-term communication strategy that would help employees think like consumers, and make the most of the wide variety of benefits they provide.




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The Challenge

Our brief was to conceptualise a communication approach that DotFoods could implement with internal resource, encouraging their employees to engage with their benefits by focusing on their own needs and circumstances.

They particularly wanted to increase employee enrolment in their consumer-driven health plan, by better educating their staff members on how the plan could support them.

We hosted a number of stakeholder workshops and focus groups, to understand how different departments across the business (i.e. truck drivers, warehouse and office staff) were engaging with their benefits plans.

The Solution

We learnt that whilst there was a comprehensive benefits package, employees’ understanding of it was poor. It was also clear that issues varied a lot between departments, and there was different needs to address.

We created a three-year strategy for DotFoods, outlining how they could identify the best channels and deliverables to target messaging to each department, promote the value and accessibility of their plans, and improve employee understanding through consistent, timely communications. We also suggested raising HR’s profile, to provide employees with reachable support, and laid out some possible deliverables they could use.

We then presented DotFoods with a complete three-year strategy and detailed 12 month communication plan for the team to use internally.

The Outcomes

Using this strategic approach, DotFoods could educate employees to categorise their benefits and choose the perfect plan for them – increasing staff satisfaction and welfare. The communications approach was very well received because it laid out proposed deliverables as well as a structured timescale, helping HR target messaging their in the right way, at the right time. This way, all employees felt included and supported.

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