Member input informs communication strategy

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GE APS Pension Scheme – one of the UK’s defined benefit pension arrangements that GE became responsible for following its purchase of the Alstom power and energy grid business in 2015.

GE APS wanted to improve their member engagement and enhance their member experience by moving into the digital age.




  • Benefits Branding
  • Digital Engagement
  • Financial Education
  • User Experience

The Journey

Starting out…

Our task was to improve member engagement and enhance member experience.


The main event…

As a first step, we surveyed the GE APS membership to find out more about their current levels of understanding, how they identified the business (as a result of previous business mergers and acquisitions) and how best to engage moving forward.

The Impact

The results of the survey were used to inform the subsequent communication strategy for the GE APS, including, branding, a less technical tone of voice and a move toward digital communication methods.

The Trustees plan to repeat the research in 12 months to measure progress and allow further refinement of the communication strategy.