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Innovative global enterprise, IBM operates in more than 170 countries, with over 25,000 employees in the UK alone. IBM found that previous versions of their pension annual reports were deemed quite lengthy and not naturally engaging.

We believe that every piece of member communication should be an opportunity for meaningful engagement; a chance to improve member understanding and connect them more effectively with the organisation or, in this case, trustee ethos and objectives.

With this in mind, the annual reports were redesigned, to keep employees informed of the developments of the trust-based defined contribution (DC) pension scheme.


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IBM Pensions Digital Enagement

“We wanted to push these reports to communicate more effectively with members by sharing the important information in a more dynamic and interesting way."

Steve Sykes – Head of Business Development at Gallagher Communication

The Challenge

With an increasing move to online communications, we proposed that instead of paper documents, online member reports would be more cost-effective, more easily updated, more creative and more engaging.

The Solution

The new redesigned reports enable employees to view a one-page website, which focuses on the current financial position of the pension. The financial information is brought to life through animation and members can interact by hovering over certain elements and using drop-down menus to access more detail should they want it.

The Outcomes

61% (15,900 employees) of the technology organisation’s 26,000 pension members now access the information electronically. The new pension annual reports received 650% more views in one month compared to the whole previous year combined.

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