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IHS Markit provide business intelligence and information to governments and world leaders in business; helping their customers be more efficient and make more informed decisions to secure their future.

Our aim was to promote IHS Markit’s newly harmonised benefits program to colleagues, provide clarity on their choices and encourage participation through the enrollment process.


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"The engagement by our colleagues in the mandatory enrollment process was unprecedented. There was a noticeable “buzz” around the new benefits and new enrollment process, for many, that was contagious."

Pat Harsh – Senior Director of Global Benefits

The Challenge

Following the merger of two of the world’s leading global insight providers, IHS and Markit, employees had been through and seen a lot of change. In order to be more internally efficient and to move forward as one company, IHS Markit harmonised their benefits package, meaning everyone would now have the same offering.

Our task was to help colleagues engage with the communication that is delivered – regardless of the channel used. To achieve this, every piece of communication needs to be relevant, personable, employee-centric and action-focussed.

The Solution

Our team started by creating a benefits brand with a focus on creating distinction, energy and positivity, which could be rolled out globally.

We then created key messages that were consistent across a vast array of platforms and reflected employees’ different levels of understanding and learning styles.

Finally, we produced a comprehensive set of materials, including a benefits guide, summary mailer, on-site materials, an animation and promotional giveaways, which raised awareness, built understanding and encouraged decision-making.

The Outcomes

IHS Markit employees had a clear understanding of why their package had changed and what they needed to do. Our materials gave them all of the information they needed to make informed decisions and they felt supported throughout the process.

"An extremely low percentage of colleagues did not take any action to view or select benefits, which we feel is attributable to the clear and concise communications. We could not be happier with the partnership and insight which the Gallagher Communication team brought to the table."

Pat Harsh – Senior Director of Global Benefits