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11,500 agents actively use the portal to discover their benefits.

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NRT is the largest residential real estate brokerage company in America, with a network of over 50,000 independent agents.



The Challenge

As self-employed individuals, independent real estate agents are generally ineligible to receive benefits under the ’employer-sponsored’ plans maintained by the companies for whom they provide services.

NRT recognized that these agents were missing out on benefits packages that they might otherwise be entitled to through ‘conventional’ employment environments. With “Culture of Awesome” and “Wealth Builder” – two pillars of their values – NRT wanted to create access to a compelling benefits package that agents couldn’t get on their own. Our mission was to inform, educate and excite their widely dispersed group on what was being offered.

The Solution

With competitive health, future and lifestyle benefits in place, we began by creating a premium brand that wrapped the package together. Rich colors, bold typography and powerful imagery was used to connect with agents and reflect the highly-charged life of an agent and tap into their innate desire to be part of an exclusive club.

When we had the new look brand sorted, our focus shifted to developing a ‘one-stop-shop’ online portal that agents could learn about the benefits and provide support to help them make informed decisions.

The portal was designed, produced, and launched ahead of their Open Enrollment window. It used Single Sign-On to allow for simple, easy access to the portal to avoid an unnecessary blocker. Keeping the page count to a minimum, we avoided delivering information that felt overwhelming, and instead focused on punchy and engaging content and clear calls to action. The portal also featured seamless access to third-party vendor sites, additional benefits and financial resources.

The Impact

"Through our business partnership built on collaboration and teamwork, we launched an impressive and polished portal, which delivers a unique set of comprehensive offerings tied to our value proposition and unparalleled in the real estate industry."

Cindy Martinangelo, Former V.P. Independent Contractor Relations, NRT LLC (a subsidiary of Realogy)

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