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A reflection of why employees should care

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Our goal was to help a leading provider of managed physical medicine for the workers’ compensation industry attract and retain talent.

Their ambition goal was to “cultivate some of the world’s top talent”. To achieve this, they knew they had to completely overhaul their total reward proposition and then ignite this “employee promise” through a powerful Employee Value Proposition.




  • Attract & Retain Talent
  • Benefits Branding
  • EVP

The Challenge

Beginning with an exploration phase of stakeholder and leadership workshops, our team created four pillars and power statements, which clearly communicated what employees could expect and what was expected of them.

Each pillar described what was intrinsic and valued, while balancing what is attractive to prospective employees. This allowed them to target messaging to various groups of existing and future employees more effectively.

The Solution

We produced an EVP deck which gave our client’s internal team all the tools they needed to communicate who they were and why future/existing employees should care. Along with the four pillars, we also gave them comprehensive messaging for each value and design assets such as textures, EVP brand marks, icons, typography and photography.

Most importantly, we gave them examples of how to apply their new brand across various channels, both in print and digital formats, so they could see it “in action”.

The Outcomes

With the help of our team’s strategic thinking and brand development, our client’s internal communications team now have a thoughtfully designed EVP which sits at the core of their people strategy, drives employee engagement at various levels and gives them the tools to attract, retain, engage and develop employees.