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Volkswagen Financial Services provide finance and insurance to customers of some of the most iconic automotive brands in the world.

The Group includes some of the most popular automotive brands including Audi, SEAT, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and of course, Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) want their benefits to appeal to their broad employee demographic. In order to do this, they need real feedback – and real opinions. In effect: improving employee benefits by understanding what employees actually want.




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“Gallagher has been really good to work with. Our colleagues opened up to Gallagher whereas they perhaps wouldn’t have necessarily said the same things had they gone into a room with HR.”

Tiffany Wright – Reward & Benefits Manager

The Challenge

By choosing us, the team at VWFS are able to undertake a strategic review. Our consulting specialists began a discovery process to analyse their existing benefits programme. Enter Benefits DNA, a 360-degree feedback process targeted at stakeholders.

The Solution

Using workshops, roundtables and surveys, we have the lowdown on how the existing programme supported the organisational objectives. With focus groups and surveys, our team built an understanding of employees’ wants and needs, using this insight to compile a powerful, comprehensive report.

The findings were presented in highly visual dashboards, to show just how VWFS’ HR and Rewards team could apply the insight gained.

The Outcomes

By working together, the teams at Gallagher and VWFS discovered that their key priority was not what they initially thought. Rather than driving engagement through communications capabilities, what employees really valued was the ability to choose their benefits on a more flexible basis.

With the help of this valuable insight, VWFS can prepare and budget for a flexible benefits platform, but most importantly, the team will be able to demonstrate to their employees how they consistently listen and take action based on their feedback.

”They listen; they listen intently.”

Sarah Weston – Business Partner, Reward & HR Services